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According to Anick Jesdanun from the AP of Technology

CenturyTel Inc. presented the system to 20,000 of its customers. To notify them of the brand-new advertising and marketing technology, the firm sent out an e-mail allowing these customers understand just that the personal privacy plan had actually been upgraded as well as had actually included a paragraph regarding NebuAd to the personal privacy plan. 85 out of 20,000 pulled out.

Embarq Corp. turned out the system to 26,000 of its paid clients. Embarq really did not trouble to send out any type of e-mails to its clients; the business simply placed a basic notification within its personal privacy notification online. A massive overall of 15 out of the 26,000 individuals pulled out.


WideOpenWest (or WOW) presented the NebuAd system on 330,000 consumers. The only notice prior to the truth was uploading on the business’s site, together with a tip-in payment declaration to examine personal privacy plans online. They did email the 330,000 clients to inform them regarding the advertising and marketing technology test – after it had actually ended. 3,355 individuals pulled out, yet that number might be blown up, due to the fact that they aren’t certain the amount of originated from a solitary client. WOW certainly.

Bresnan Communications, LLC, attempted the system on 6,000 of its clients. Unlike the various other 3 carriers over, the business did send out an e-mail straight to its individuals concerning the test itself (although I have no suggestion exactly how it existed as well as whether the details was hidden in a footer someplace) and also published notifications on its website. 18 individuals pulled out.

According to Anick Jesdanun from the AP of Technology

There were 2 various other individuals in the test – Cable One, Inc. as well as Knology, Inc. For the functions of my numbers listed below, I’ve left them out – not due to the fact that they do not sustain the basic concept, yet due to the fact that they do not fit the criteria. Knology will not disclose the number of clients was included as well as the number of pulled out, although the business did upload a notification on its site.